5 Tips Slim Without Sports

5 Tips Slim Without Sports

If you do not have time to gym, do you know, there are many routine activities that can be utilized as a form of sport activities. 
Any activities that can simultaneously burn calories 200-300 calories a day. Automatic, weight loss can also be shrunk. 
What activity? 

1. Sweep floors 
When the sweep, keep the body posture or posture remains erect. Do not wipe with his bow, and select a long broom in accordance with height. Make a sweeping motion with both hands. 
The trick, 5 times a sweep with his right hand, then 5 times with his left hand. When you continue to do turns, then the load on the left and right arm muscles become equal, and upper arm muscles will be trained. Sweeping does not require large energy because its intensity is not too high. 

2. Glass polishing 
Even better if you have the equipment to clean the glass building. However, the cloth was not a problem. Movement is done can vary. First, rub a tool that has been given a cleaning fluid circular motion. Do it with your right hand and left hand alternately. 
Besides leveling up liquid, it will tighten the muscles of your arms. Second, the glass is cleaned with a tool that had been given water. 
Move the tool up and down and side to side. Each direction five times. Hands always turns so there is always a balance of motion between the right hand and left hand. If the glass in the house and large lot, of course, the intensity of hand movements will increase. 
3. Cleaning the furniture at the top 
Furniture at the top of course difficult to reach without using tools. For the lower part, you can tiptoe to tighten the calf muscles. We stood on tiptoes, the calf muscle exercises will get a big enough load. The higher up on tiptoes, the calf muscles become increasingly interested. 
Alternatively, if the place is very high, use the help of a chair. Movement up and down the chair is at the gym enough weight like climbing stairs or climbing. Hand movements more or less the same as glass wiping activities. 
4. Cleaning the bathroom 
Activities requiring scrubbing the bathroom wall a lot of energy. Hands can move up and down or left and right. In addition to the hand, leg muscles, muscular waist and back muscles also get loads of exercise. You can not be in an upright position constantly, occasionally had to tiptoe, bending, and even squatted. Take a different body positions alternately so that all muscles have the same burden. 
In addition to brushing the wall, you can also brush the water tub. In this activity, more bodies bent over and brushed the hand movement had to remain alternately. Waist muscles, back muscles, and thigh muscles also get a heavy burden.Because, when you bend, every muscle was pulled to the top. 
5. Ironing 
Hand movements are quite intensive ironing will also be beneficial for toning the arms. The balance between left and right hand should always be taken into account. Also, if you iron with a standing position, load leg exercise for the muscles hard enough. To prevent back pain, should one of your feet resting on a small bench, alternating between right and left foot. 

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