Dhaka University vice chancellor AAMS Arefin Siddique said people who harassed women were ''mentally sick'', reports bdnews24.com.
Siddique said this while speaking at the launching of a signature collection campaign against women''s harassment.
With their slogan ''Say No to Eve Teasing'', the Rover Scouts of Dhaka hosted the campaign at the university''s central playground.
Siddique urged all to come forward to heal this mental sickness of those who harass women.
He said, "Both the family and the society have a responsibility to help them."
None can tease women if he is taught to respect human beings, Siddique said.
DU vice-chancellor later attended a procession, which was also attended by the pro vice-chancellor Harun-or-Rashid and over 700 scouts from the Dhaka district.
DU Rover Scout leader Mumit Al Rashid told bdnews24.com that the weeklong campaign will run from 10am to 1pm everyday at Aparajeyo Bangla.


nah itulah contoh berita berbahasa inggris semoga bermanfaat 

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