Gayus During this agenda in Bali

Gayus During this agenda in Bali, Jakarta: Agenda plesiran Gayus tax mafia Tambunan to Bali increasingly revealed. Police call, Gayus stay in room 5122 Westin Hotel, which cost Rp 5 million per night with his wife and children.
Not only staying for two days at the Ocean Kids Club, SCTV source in the police, on Thursday (17/11), also revealed, Gayus met a prominent party politicians over there. They met at a fish restaurant on the beach.
According to the Bali Police chief Inspector General Hadiatmoko, Gayus known to stay free escort others. "Yeah, stay two nights. Together with his wife and children," said Hadiatmoko.
Who are the politicians who referred to the General Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie touted as the man who met with Gayus in Bali. This issue is related to Gayus statement in court that the Bakrie Group is a contributor to Gayus accounts worth Rp 100 billion.
However, to reporters, denied Bakrie meet Gayus on the island. However, he claimed to be in Bali to watch a tennis match. "The issue of it. This is clearly a political intrigue," said Bakrie.
Ical, call Bakrie, may be denied. The community please just assume that Gayus and Ical indeed met in Bali. One thing is for sure, people should still keep the consistency of the police in investigating such cases so as not influenced by any political interests.
The following information obtained related SCTV Gayus agenda while in Bali:
Wednesday, November 3
After the hearing, Gayus returned to Rutan Brimob Depok Kelapa Dua
In the afternoon, he picked up the driver and returned to his house in Kelapa Gading Park View, North Jakarta
Thursday, November 4
Gayus started his adventures to Bali. He wears a fake name Sonny Laksono. Together with his wife and son, SL Lion Air plane and stay at the Westin Hotel, room 5122.
In the evening, Gayus mentioned dinner with a wealthy businessman who is also politicians in fish restaurant, 200 meters from Gayus room, right on the beach. The location of this restaurant is out of reach of CCTV cameras.
Friday, November 5
Watching tennis
Saturday, November 6, at 2:11 p.m. to 15:30 pm
Gayus went back to watching tennis, a semifinal between Ana Ivanovic and Kimiko Date Krumm
Brimob Karutan Kompol Iwan Siswanto repeatedly called Gayus, but not connected. The driver said, Gayus went to the event invitation in Tanjung, North Jakarta
Chief of Police East General Pradopo know Gayus was not in crease. He ordered the arrest Kabareskrim Komjen Ito Sumardi Gayus.
Sunday, November 7
Gayus returned to his house in Kelapa Gading Park View, Jakut
Team Detachment 88 Gayus pick up and return him to Rutan Brimob. (Ulf)

Custom, TKW Origin Falkirk Tortured in Abu Dhabi

20/11/2010 18:03, Karachi: A woman from the village of labor Muara Baru, Kecamatan cilamaya Wetan, Karawang regency, West Java, custom, son of Rustam, reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown after receiving abuse from her employer in Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia.

"Custom mental disorder because it always gets punishment from her employer. The news was known after his custom which also became migrant workers in the same place, Sunari, home to Falkirk," said Coordinator of Migrant Camp Falkirk, Boby Anwar Maarif at Falkirk on Saturday (20 / 11) Between serperti written.

He said, according to information submitted Sunari, custom almost every day to get the torture of female employer, Kahtun Abdulaah Alidi Mohamad, in Sarjah, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia. so seriously injured and eventually suffered a mental disorder.

According Sunari, while in Saudi Arabia, he worked in custom home child employers. Sunari home to Falkirk, having managed to escape from her employer's house and visited the local embassy. From the Embassy, Sunari then repatriated until he came to Karachi.

"Custom every day tortured master. Starting from head to his body beaten with a blunt object, until the whole body covered with wounds," said Bobby mimicked Sunari story.

Custom left for Saudi Arabia to TKW through Indonesian Labor Service Company (agency), PT Indo Corpoda Java in East Jakarta on 31 November 2008. Since the last two years, the family custom in Falkirk difficult to communicate with the custom.

"First of all the maids in Saudi Arabia, custom can indeed be reached. Eventually, the family is difficult to communicate with the custom. Telephone employers custom homes can indeed be reached, but never responded. So, it's almost two years the family could not communicate with the custom, "he said.

The plan, Monday (22/11) later, Bobby custom with the family will come to the House of Representatives, and the National Agency for Placement and Protection of Indonesian Manpower and will go to agencies that dispatch custom, to ask for custom immediately repatriated.

Heroes Foreign exchange was slumped in the Country of, Jakarta: Instead of gold in the land of rain, hail better in their own country. This proverb does not mean no longer valid for Indonesian workers abroad.

It wanted to live in their own country. But what may make, the necessities of life for themselves and families continue to urge. While employment in the country as not in their favor.

Neighboring country and the countries in the Middle East petro-dollars into the choice. With the dream of getting a better life, the workers especially women candidates for a housemaid in droves venture abroad.

Until two years ago, the number of migrant workers abroad are recorded officially at 4.3 million people. What ever is on Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. That number would swell if the illegal migrant worker added.

The term foreign exchange for their hero is not lip service. At the start President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Jusuf Kalla, posts
money from migrant workers reached U.S. $ 1.8 billion, or around Rp 16 trillion. From year to year the number doubled. And this year, their shipment is estimated to reach U.S. $ 7.1 billion, or around Rp 63 trillion.

Unfortunately, the contribution of migrant workers was not very fantantis diimbangin maximum protection. From year to year, stories of pain of the workers like never ending. This year alone the unfortunate migrant workers amount to 25 thousand people more.

Call it Ceriyati a daring escape from her employer's apartment in Malaysia despite having to rely on a cloth rope to escape from the persecution of the employer. Or Siti Hajar that her body hurt from employers often tortured.

Even more tragic fate Halimah bint Kohar. He died under a bridge Kandarah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, because the disease her lungs do not receive maximum care while staying under the bridge. Or Susmiyati and Siti Tarwiyah who return to the country have become corpses because of torture in Saudi employer's family.

Unfortunately, according to analysts note Migrant Care, hundreds of cases of abuse, rape, and murder of workers, such as yawning swallowed time. Only the case of Nirmala Bonat complete recorded until the proceedings.

According to the Migrant Care, the government always be reactive new cases arise each but does not solve the root problem TKI. Sumiati sadistic torture cases binti Mustafa such as stomping Salan government reaction.

Yet according to Migrant Care roots of violence against migrant workers abroad starting from the weakness of Law Number 39 Year 2004 on Placement and Protection of Labor. If the roots of the matter is not resolved soon, it is natural from time to time, stories of pain TKI always appear. The heroes were slumped on the foreign exchange abroad. (FRI)

RADIUS DANGERS OF MOUNT MERAPI DERIVED, Yogyakarta: The reduced activity of Merapi create danger zone lowered. But the status of Merapi is still at level 4 or Beware.

This was conveyed by Head of Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) Geological Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) Surono, Friday (19/11).

"Mount Merapi activity tends to decline, including its intensity, so we decided to reduce the radius of hazard-prone even though the status of permanent alert," he said.

Based on these things, then set the radius PVMBG hazardous eruption of Mount Merapi on Friday, namely for Sleman regency is divided into two regions which is 15 kilometers (km) to the east side of Kali Boyong and 10 km on the west side of Kali Boyong. Previously, the radius of hazardous eruption of Mount Merapi in Sleman district is 20 km.
Differences in hazard-prone radius of Sleman District was due to eruption of Mount Merapi, which more often leads to the southern side of the Kali Kali Boyong to Gendol, either to heat or lava clouds glide. "Between the Kali Kali Boyong and Gendol more often a violation of clouds glide heat. If the danger of lava could still more anticipated because the speed is lower than the hot clouds," said Surono.

While in Klaten regency still 10 km, District Boyolali from 10 km to 5 km and for the District of Magelang from 15km to 10km.

Surono said indication of impairment in activities of Mount Merapi and the intensity of the eruption of Mount Merapi were obtained from the results of seismic monitoring, visual and deformation on Thursday (18/11).

Based on seismic indications, he added, under pressure from the magma supply is starting to wane, so did the amplitude of tremor and volcanic earthquakes decreased.
He hopes, fluid pressure is less and less magma will form an unstable lava dome that marks the final stage of the eruption of Mount Merapi.

In addition, based on visual observation, high column of smoke that formed also decreases of between 1,000 meters - 2,000 meters from the summit of Mount Merapi.
The following villages are now located within a radius of Mount Merapi disaster-prone:
  • Kecamatan Cangkringan: Argomulyo, Glagahharjo, Kepuhharjo, Umbulharjo, Wukirsari
  • Kecamatan Ngemplak: Sindumartani, Umbulmartani, Wedomartani
  • Kecamatan Pakem: Candibinangun, Hargobinangun, Harjobinangun, Pakembinangun,Purwobinangun
  • Kecamatan Turi: Girikerto, Wonokerto  2. Kabupaten Magelang
  • Kecamatan Dukun: Kalibening, Keningar, Krinjing, Mangunsuko, Ngargomulyo, Paten, Sengi, Sewukan, Sumber
  • Kecamatan Sawangan: Ketep, Kapuhan, Wonolelo
  • Kecamatan Srumbung: Kaliurang, Kemiren, Mranggen, Ngablak, Ngargosoko, Tegalrandu.  3. Kabupaten Boyolali
  • Kecamatan Cepogo: Genting, Jombong, Sukabumi, Wonodoyo
  • Kecamatan Musuk: Cluntang, Dragan, Jenowo, Mriyan, Sangup
  • Kecamatan Selo: Jrakah, Klakah, Lencoh, Samiran, Selo, Suroteleng, Tlogolele.  4. Kabupaten Klaten
  • Kecamatan Kemalang: Balerante, Bumiharjo, Kendalsari, Panggang, Sidorejo, Tangkil, Tegalmulyo, Tlogowatu. (Ant)
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