Contoh Biodata Hobby (Bhs. Inggris)

Contoh Biodata Hobby (Bhs. Inggris)

I would like to introduce me and myfamily, myname is _________, I was born in ____, march 23th 1991. I am nineteen years old and about 1,5 told. I am weigh 40 kg and have straight hairs. I am an university student of ______ “______"______I go to campus by motorcycle.
I have family and relatives : my grand parent, my father, my mother, my brother, my sister, my niece, my nephew, my uncle, my aunt and my causin. I live with my family, I am 3rd ( third) of brothers, one sister and two brother. My sister has married. She have two children. She lives with her husband and her children. I help my parent everyday…

Modern farmers prefer use machines, such as : seed drill,  combinetractorto help them work but traditional farmers use traditional equipments such as: hoe,sickle, axe, plough to help them work.
Farmers of modern rice use tractors to plow their land, but  farmers of traditioanal rice use plough plowing loosens the soil,then rice seeds can be planted in the loose soil. planes are used in another way too. They can spray chemicals onto the rice fields. the chemicals protect the rice plants from insects and diseases. When it is time to harvest rice, farmers use another equipment
Modern farmers use machines to help them, a machine called a combine cuts the rice. It also separates the rice kernels from the salks. in one day a combine harvests more grain than 200 people working by hand. But traditional farmers use traditional equipment to help them, a equipment a sickle
Farmers use another machines too, one machine is caaled a seed drill, a seed drill makes holes in the ground. Then it drops seeds into them. It may even drop in a small amount of fertilizer with each seed.


Reading, such as readingbooks,magazines,comics, ornewspapers, is a common hobby and one that can trace its origins back many hundreds of years. A love ofliteraturelater in life may be sparked by an interest in reading children's literature as a child.One of the great benefits of reading as a hobby is that it can be taken up and put down whenever a free moment presents itself. When readingpaperbackbooks, it is easy to take the reading material onholidayor onpublic transportwith very little inconvenience. One great advantage is that it allows the human mind to create its own view of the world portrayed in the book, something that can be disappointing when a book is made into a play fortelevisionor into afilm.

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