Go to the Parang Tritis Beach

Go to the Parang Tritis Beach

It was Sunday morning,January 2,2009.My friend and I went to the Parang Tritis beach after studying hard.We wanted to refres our mind and enjoyed the fres air.We went there early in the morning by car.Many people were there when we arrived.
          After parking the car, we walked a long the beach barefooted.We could feel the smoothness of the sand.The cold sea water touched our feet
       Then,we looked for a place to take a rest.We rolled out the mat on the ground and had meals together.While eating,we saw many things.We saw many children built sand castles.Some of them played with their balls.We also saw many people sunbathe.
          After having meals,we were interested in doing the same thing.We were so happy and really enjoyed that day.

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