Hi Irfan,

I recently published two very interesting 
interviews with successful entrepreneurs. 
You can download them both at my blog now -
Jeff Barson was a successful artist in new york, 
who then entered the medical industry and today 
leads a million dollar online empire offering 
business and online marketing advice to medical 
This is a great interview to see how effective it 
can be helping offline businesses with your online 
marketing know-how. Jeff's making over a million 
a year doing exactly that. 
In this interview Olivier explains how he has 
been able to simply take what works in the English 
market and apply it in the French market. 
He's made over 15,000 Euros a month doing this 
with his blog and training programs, so clearly 
it's a formula you need to listen to. 
I know you will enjoy these two podcasts, so go 
download them now and please hit the share or 
tweet button to spread the love! 
Yaro Starak
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