I wasn't planning on sending out this video to you because I send it (or a variation) every year.

Then I realized there are many new subscribers to 
my newsletter who probably have yet to watch this 
video, and frankly it's one of the most inspiring 
internet marketing case studies I know of, hence 
required watching. 
It's called "food stamps to six figures" and is 
a great interview case study of a regular guy who 
went from nothing to making six figures a year 
selling a herbs based board game (random I know!). 
You can watch the video here after you subscribe 
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Every year Jeff Walker teaches his Product Launch 
Formula course and takes one intake of new 
I purchased the course way back in 2007 when it 
was a physical home study product with CDs and 
Today it is 100% online and one of the few courses 
I consider mandatory study for all internet 
Jeff gives away this case study interview before 
opening his course, which is a great example of 
what you can achieve via a "launch" online, 
selling your own info product. 
What makes the case study especially compelling is 
- The product has nothing to do with making money 
(it's about herbs!) 
- The guy who did the launch is clearly no guru of 
internet marketing, just a regular guy who 
followed the formula 
- His system focuses on doing automated 
"launches" once a month 
- He screws up plenty of things, yet the results 
keep coming in 
If you are planning on releasing any information 
product online then don't skip this video, it is 
a must watch. 
You can view it after entering your email to 
subscribe here - 
Yaro Starak
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