Sometimes you just need to make money. That's all that matters.

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Sometimes you just need to
make money. That's all that

Here's a guide that can help you
find the topics that are actually
profitable online, so you can focus
your blog where the money is.


Hello Irfan,

When I first started blogging I knew if I provided
value and built traffic to my blog eventually I
could make money.

In some ways, that is foolish.

I won't lie to you - not every topic CAN make
money. Not every blogger wants to make money
either, but I expect you have at least thought
about one day earning a few hundred from your blog
or even more. Maybe full time professional
blogging is your long term goal.

If you still have not committed to a topic for
your blog or you are worried that you won't be
able to turn a profit from what you are writing
about, I have a blog post that you need to read.

I recently finished reviewing an e-book called
'Desperate Buyers Only' by Alexis Dawes. The
book is about finding profitable topics and
creating short reports to sell to desperate

Alexis has a system for researching topics that
can actually make you money and it has nothing to
do with whether you like the topic or not - it's
100% about finding what people spend money on.

This principle applies very well to blogging and
you can use the advice to find topics for your
blog that will lead to profit.

In the review I broke down the 'desperate
buyers' research methodology and explain what the
book covers.

If you are stuck finding a topic and money matters
to you, read this, apply the research process and
then just get busy blogging.

Here's the link to the review -

Obviously I can't go into as much depth in a blog
post as an e-book, so you might consider
purchasing the book after reading the review.

I'll leave that decision up to you.

Here's to your blogging success,

Yaro Starak

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